Saturday, 22 April 2017

Professor Calls to Tax the Rich at 80 Percent

Apr. 18, 2017 - 6:20 - Tucker takes on professor who's an admitted socialist calls for making the rich pay more than their 'fair share' in honor of Tax Day. Does this include Bernie Sanders?

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Gap between Rich and Poor Is Only Getting Wider

Richie Rich Gets Richer (2012): As countries like Greece and Spain struggle under massive debts that are impoverishing its people, the financial elite around the world are getting richer and richer. This report explores the ever-widening gap.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The End of the American Dream: The Death of the Middle Class

The End Of The American Dream (2011): With around 120,000 people declared bankrupt each month, many of the squeezed middle-class see the American dream slipping away.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Trichet on Brexit and the Future of UK-EU Relations

Mar.29 -- Former ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet comments on the U.K. formally filing to divorce from the European Union. He speaks with Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal on "What'd You Miss?"