Monday, 12 September 2011

Fat Cats Come Out of the Closet! Bosses' Pay Rises at Top FTSE Companies

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: The bosses of Britain's biggest companies have been awarded salary rises of as much as 7.5pc as well as record bonuses in the first bumper pay round since the financial crisis.

Research by Deloitte has found that the pay freeze imposed over the past two years has been lifted and remuneration has climbed.

Directors of FTSE 100 companies have been awarded an average pay rise of 4pc in 2011, with many taking much more.

FTSE 250 directors have also been given pay increases but at slower rate, of up to 5pc and at an average 3pc.

Traditionally bonuses have been paid out at between 70pc and 80pc of the maximum possible amount. But this year pay outs have increased to as much as 87pc for FTSE 100 companies and 86pc for FTSE 250 companies. Read on and comment » | Louise Armitstead | Monday, September 12, 2011

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