Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'I Go to Bed Every Night and Dream of Another Recession': Moment Trader Told Shocked BBC Presenter the City Just LOVES an Economic Disaster

• 'We don’t really care whether they’re going to fix the economy, our job is to make money from it' • Twitter users claim Alessio Rastani is a member of 'Yes Men' hoaxers

An outspoken City trader left interviewers open-mouthed as he admitted that traders 'don't really care that much' about the prospect of an economic collapse.

Alessio Rastani astonished BBC viewers yesterday by describing his hopes of profiting from a recession, adding: 'The governments don't rule the world - Goldman Sachs rules the world.'

The self-styled 'independent trader' also claimed he had been 'dreaming of this moment for three years', as the global economy faces continuing uncertainty. » | Hugo Gye | Tuesday, September 27, 2011