Monday, 19 September 2011

Liberal Democrats Party Conference 2011: Vince Cable's Speech to Conference in Full

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Vince Cable tells Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Birmingham: "We now face a crisis that is the economic equivalent of war." This is the full text of his speech.

These are dangerous times for our economy.
There is much uncertainty.

But I am absolutely certain that, at such a moment, the country is stronger for having two parties in coalition working in the national interest.

When I joined up I had very mixed feelings about this coalition, like many of you.
I looked for good precedents.

I thought of Attlee and Bevin working with their Tory opponents – Churchill and Beaverbrook – setting aside their political differences in a common cause.

That coalition unleashed the great Liberal reformers; Beveridge and Keynes.

Now, you could say: that was war; that’s different.

Yes, it is different.

But we now face a crisis that is the economic equivalent of war. » | Monday, September 19, 2011

This man speaks sense! – Mark