Sunday, 23 October 2011

Second Occupy London Camp Forms at Finsbury Square

THE GUARDIAN: Protesters call 'general assembly' at site in Moorgate and declare it a second occupation after St Paul's

A second Occupy London protest camp has sprung up in a sign that campaigners are spreading from St Paul's Cathedral to locations across the capital.

A group of protesters with placards marched from St Paul's to the new site, where up to 30 tents had been discreetly pitched earlier.

Within minutes, supporters of Occupy London had called a "general assembly" at the site in Finsbury Square, Moorgate, and declared that the square was a second occupation after the cathedral.

Organisers insisted, however, that the second site would not replace St Paul's, but alleviate pressure at an increasingly crowded venue. One protester said that a third and fourth occupation would follow. » | Mark Townsend and Tracy McVeigh | Saturday, October 22, 2011