Wednesday, 16 November 2011

’Europe Speaks German’: Britain Told to Stop Being Selfish and Follow Berlin’s Lead

DAILY EXPRESS: BRITAIN was told to toe the Berlin line concerning the eurozone crisis and that all of Europe was 'speaking German' yesterday.

One of Angela Merkel's closest allies demanded that Britain be 'less selfish' towards the EU, despite being outside the single currency and consider levying a Europe-wide financial tax to help the ailing eurozone.

Volker Kauder claimed the whole of Europe was now speaking German by following Angela Merkel's leadership and so should Britain.

He launched into the stinging attack on the UK's financial policies, cranking up tensions ahead of David Cameron's visit to Berlin on Friday.

The German government believes Britain should start taxing financial transactions to help prop up the battered single currency, which could cost the City billions.

Both the Prime Minister and George Osborne have blocked the proposed "Robin Hood tax," with the Chancellor claiming it is a "bullet aimed at the heart of London".

Brussels believes it could raise up to £35billion but it has been called "economic suicide."

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