Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Socialist' Vince Cable Not Fit for Office, Says Adrian Beecroft

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Vince Cable is a “socialist” who should never have been put in charge of business policy, a Downing Street adviser claims today.

Adrian Beecroft, who reviewed employment law for No 10, says that Liberal Democrat objections to plans for removing red tape are harming the economy and preventing companies from creating jobs.

In his first newspaper interview, the venture capitalist tells The Daily Telegraph that entrepreneurs are going abroad and that unemployment is rising because of the Coalition’s failure to help business. The impact on the public sector of outdated employment regulations is even more damaging, he says, with taxpayer-funded services “hugely less efficient than they could be” because of the legal difficulties associated with dismissing under-performing workers.

He concludes that the economy will grow by five per cent less than expected – the equivalent of more than £50 billion – because of the Government’s failure to push through radical reform of employment laws. » | Robert Winnett, Political Editor | Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My comment:

Cable has talked sense; Beecroft has talked nonsense. And I'm no socialist. I'm a lifelong Conservative voter. Go eat ****, Mr. Beecroft! Your suggestions are ante-diluvian. – © Mark

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