Monday, 21 May 2012

Vince Cable Calls Sacking Plans In Beecroft Report 'The Wrong Approach'

BBC: Business Secretary Vince Cable has condemned proposals to make it easier for firms to sack under-performing staff as "the wrong approach".

A report commissioned by the prime minister is also expected to call for shorter periods of consultation over compulsory redundancies.

But Mr Cable told the BBC it was not the job of government to "scare the wits" out of people.

Many Tory MPs back the plans as a means to boost the UK's businesses.

The economy re-entered recession in the first quarter of this year and the coalition government is looking for ways to encourage growth.

The report, which is expected to be published later this week, was compiled by Conservative-supporting venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft.

Its proposals are expected to include:
• An end to a mandatory 90-day consultation period when a company is considering redundancy programmes. Instead it will suggest a standard 30-day period and an emergency five-day period if a firm is in severe distress

• A cap on loss-of-earnings compensation for employees who make successful unfair dismissal claims

• Reform of the rights that workers are allowed to "carry" to new employers when their companies are the subject of a takeover

• Scrapping provisions in the Equality Act which make employers liable for claims from employees for "third-party harassment", such as customers making "sexist" comments to staff in a restaurant

• Shifting responsibility for checking foreign workers' eligibility to work in the UK from employers to the Border Agency or the Home Office
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My comment:

I agree with Vince Cable 100%. It would be utterly ridiculous to get rid of workers' rights like this. Don't forget, the people at the top will continue to get their rights, and multi-million pound bonuses.

This benighted Tory administration will return us to the Victorian model very quickly. The people in the cabinet haven't a care in the world – they're all multi-millionaires. What do they care about workers' rights?

What the Tories want is slave labour for the captains of industry to continue to line their own pockets at the expense of cheap workers. At this rate, we'll soon be returning to child labour, we'll soon be sending children down the coalface to bring up the coal.

In one word: disgusting! More power to Dr. Vince Cable! – © Mark

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