Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Danke! 10,000 Britons On the Dole...in Germany

DAILY EXPRESS: NEW figures last night revealed an unexpected benefits culture – with thousands of Britons taking hand-outs in Germany.

More than 10,000 UK nationals living in the country are on the dole and enjoy help similar to that given here.

Some rake in up to £23,318 a year from German taxpayers, with unemployed Britons making up a tenth of the expat population.

It is thought most went to Germany looking for work, in direct echoes of 1980s television drama Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, but failed to find employment, or lost it.

The news comes as the governments in London and Berlin continue to fight EU rules allowing “benefit tourists” to claim taxpayers’ money in any member state of their choosing.

Britain and Germany have two of the most generous benefit schemes for unemployed EU foreigners, both immediately giving payments to people actively looking for work. » | Ollie Gilman | Monday, October 21, 2013