Sunday, 2 November 2014

Germany Says UK Could Leave EU If David Cameron Insists On Migrant Quotas

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: David Cameron's bid to overhaul freedom of movement rules to restrict immigration from within the European Union could take Britain to a "point of no return", German government sources have reportedly warned

Germany would be prepared to accept that Britain will have to leave the European Union if David Cameron insists on restricting the number of immigrants from the bloc who can live and work in the UK.

Mr Cameron’s bid to curb levels of migration from the EU is taking Britain to a “point of no return”, according to Der Spiegel.

Mr Cameron has said that he will reform Britain’s relationship with the EU before holding an in-out referendum in 2017.

The Prime Minister used his speech last month to the Tory Party conference to pledge to put reform of the freedom of movement principle would be "at the very heart of my renegotiation strategy for Europe".

However, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has said that she would not support any plans to change the freedom of movement rules that allow an unlimited number of EU migrants to live and work in the UK. Read on and comment » | Peter Dominiczak, Political Editor | Sunday, November 02, 2014