Sunday, 25 January 2015

Greeks Hand Stunning Victory to Anti-austerity Syriza

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Greece on collision course with rest of Europe after handing general election victory to far-left party that has vowed to reject austerity

Greece set itself on a collision course with the rest of Europe on Sunday night after handing a stunning general election victory to a far-Left party that has pledged to reject austerity and cancel the country’s billions of pounds in debt.

In a resounding rebuff to the country’s loss of financial sovereignty, Greeks gave Syriza 36.5 per cent of the vote, according to the first official projections.

It means they will be able to send between 149 and 151 MPs to the 300-seat parliament, putting them tantalisingly close to an outright majority.

The final result was too close to call - if they win 150 seats or fewer, they will have to form a coalition with one of several minor parties. » | Nick Squires, Athens | Sunday, January 25, 2015