Saturday, 29 April 2017

Trump Could Save Tens of Millions of Dollars in One Year Under His Proposed Tax Plan

THE NEW YORK TIMES: President Trump could save tens of millions of dollars in a single year under his proposed changes to the tax code, a New York Times analysis has found.

On Wednesday, the White House announced a sweeping plan to cut a variety of taxes that would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy. The estimated savings for Mr. Trump rely on his income and other information from his 2005 federal tax return and compare what his tax burden would be under the proposal to current law. Mr. Trump’s 2005 return is the most recent available publicly and was released in March by the former New York Times reporter David Cay Johnston. » | Audrey Carlsen, Jesse Drucker, Stuart A. Thompson and Nadja Popovich | APRIL 28, 2017